Department specialized for production of pharmaceutical labels of high security and qualitative/quantitative demand

Every part of the packaging of a pharmaceutical product must fulfill precisely defined regulations. The packaging of a pharmaceutical product must not jeopardize its content, and at the same time it must endure the entire process of product dispatch to the buyer. Safety above all.


  • Lacquer and paints in accordance with the regulations (FDA, EMEA etc.)
  • flexible material appropriate for various backgrounds and shapes
  • programmable place for data and pharmacode entry, as well as definition of accurate colors
  • multiple in process controls of every individual label
  • all materials have quality certificates.


  • Incoming material control
  • labels with high purity of the imprint – CRYSTALPRESS
  • various print techniques enabling creative
  • design with all security standardse
  • materials with excellent TTR attributes
  • a wide selection of materials and adhesives
    (for small diameters, HDPE, LDPE)
  • materials appropriate for all methods of sterilization
  • automatic video surveillance and digital recording of imprint quality
  • a certificate for every delivery
  • set delivery term
  • professional relationship with the buyer.


    • ISO 9001 Quality Standard
    • Video System Quality Monitoring
    • Constant employee education
    • In time with technical trends
    • CRYSTALPRESS system high purity of the imprint
    • AAA Solvency Excellence 2012