Quality and a cost efficient manufacture are in the main focus of business organization. The system of commerce reorganization has also been perfected by the inclusion of additional capacities in cases of urgent and irremissible orders.

In its long-standing business activity, Agens has been collaborating with reputable equipment manufacturers and coordinates machine provision in accordance with customer’s needs.

The company continuously invests in the education and specialization of its employees.

With the installation and application of an excellent program support, from the admittance of the material to the analysis of the output product, production tracking has been made possible in real time.


  • Modernly equipped studio
  • CTP device with a high raster line and “Guilloche” option
  • custom construction of printing forms
  • digital proof sheet especially calibrated for every printing machine.


  • UV Offset
  • UV Letterpress Printing
  • Flexo (UV or water colors)
  • control over printing and coloring amount with a spectrometer and densitometer
  • CRYSTALPRESS system with a distinctly precise imprint
  • automatic devices for video surveillance and digital recording of print quality.


  • hot foil
  • blind embossing
  • numeration
  • hologram
  • ink-jet numeration
  • camera for the control of all types of codes
  • digital verification and inspection of label
  • thermal transfer printers of high speed and capacities for printing variable data
    (bar code, QR code, Datamatrix code, numeration etc.)
  • TRACK&TRACE system for following materials from suppliers to finished product.


    • ISO 9001 Quality Standard
    • Video System Quality Monitoring
    • Constant employee education
    • In time with technical trends
    • CRYSTALPRESS system high purity of the imprint
    • AAA Solvency Excellence 2012