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Tradition, focus on the future and new technologies

About Agens

AGENS Ltd. Produces self-adhesive labels since 1990.

The term Agens derives from Latin language where it signifies a driving force and in medicine it signifies an efficient agent. The trademark of Agens, the cylindrical number 8, symbolizes happiness, whereas the green corporate color indicates ecological orientation.

Product and business quality have both been confirmed by the introduced Quality Management System in accordance with the ISO 9001 norm and its application in everyday work.

Technology / Education

With continuous and controlled growth we have earned a certificate of the highest solvency excellence and we have been classified in the top 2% of Croatian enterprises which deserve AAA solvency excellence.

TRACK&TRACE system for following materials from suppliers to finished product. Automatic devices for video surveillance and digital recording of print quality.

By investing in technology, education and specialization of our employees, informational systems, quality systems and ecology we have developed long-term partner relationships with our clients, suppliers and the local community. We are a proud sponsor and donor for many humanitarian events.


As the largest manufacturer of pharmaceutical, security and other types of labels in the region, our mission is to manufacture high-quality products while creating a positive social and environmental impact concerning our employees as the very foundation of a successful business and always aspire to deliver more than expected.


To maintain our leadership in the development and production of first-rate and innovative products in the sector covering pharmaceutical, security and all other types of labels, and to be the first and most reliable source of the latest achievements for our clients.