Digital press

With two identical digital hybrid machines, we are ready to respond to all your requests, offering the highest quality of digital printing. Thanks to the combination of digital technology and flexo technology, we can provide unique solutions to our customers. From the “raw” material to the final product as soon as possible, having all in-line (digital, flexo and finishing)

A wide range of materials can be used in printing from films (BOPP, PET, PP), paper materials with and without structure to hard cardboard materials.

The digital part of the machine provides the same footprint each time with equivalent quality regardless of the number of prints, while the flexo part provides additional options such as various types of varnishes, foils or additional layers on your product through the lamination process, all in addition to the desired shape of the product.

In addition to all the benefits offered by the digital machine to our customers, the machine also has a positive side towards our environment as it uses UV LED lamps.